To describe myself, I would say that I am a young opportunist and an open-minded photographer with a searching eye.
At 60, I am still a young photographer having only discovered digital photography in 2004. I loved drawing since childhood; but my professional career has pretty much kept me away from my passion. I was so surprised by the ease of playing with digital technology that I started to draw again.

Obviously, I prepare for my shoots, but I mainly rely on instinct. A light, a movement, a fold on the skin, a reflection or a veil can trigger a series of unpredicted and serendipitous shots. Therefore, you might call me an opportunist.

As an "amateur", I don't have professional and technical prejudices. I remain open to experiments. This is why I am very free or open-minded. My determination and obsession sharpen my eye, searching endlessly for the perfect picture to shoot.